Popcycle Motors LLC was founded in 2005 and is located near St Louis Missouri. Our brands, Popcycle™ and Mudslinger™ are designed with fun and reliability with an eye on a retail price that
lets our owners enter the segment without the hurdle of many older established brands. We source our products from various locations depending on the availability and our personal experience
with the manufacturers.

We stock a full complement of spare parts for our bikes so that the owners are not confronted with delays and we enjoy the same parts as many other brands sold in the USA that use the same
main parts as our bikes. We are very proud to provide the best service possible and welcome any and all comments on how we can improve our customer service.

Fun colors, reliable products, stores that do not ever pressure our visitors into buying and a workplace that delights our employees is everything we want to be for the next few years. After that,
who knows? Regardless of what we do from here this has been a great time for all of us – and if you are our one of our customers, thank you!
Popcycle® and Mudslingers® are registered trademarks of the company and are protected under the law.
Any unauthorized use of the name or marks should be reported to us on this site using the "Contact Us" tab.
Your help is appreciated in helping us retain the integrity of our trademark.