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All weather and multi terrain tires
Digital Display on handlebars
Montana   Colors
                              Burnt Orange/Black
Price: $1,398.00 plus tax
The Popcycle Montana is light mountain style easy to ride bundle of
pleasure. The smooth quality of the Shimano 6 speed shift - combined with
its 250 watt electric motor make this bike fit the mood and the moment.
Pedal if you like, or use the throttle to cruise at 19 mph without breaking a
sweat. We think this is the perfect combination of exercise and convenience.
48 Volt Lithium Ion Battery
Charges in 6 hours or less using standard 110volt household current

Battery Life
Approximately 1,000 cycles
Battery charge indicator - LED type on the battery

Range per Charge
30 miles without pedal assistance*

Bike Weight
47 pounds (21.3 kilograms)

Aluminum Alloy

Maximum Speed
19 Miles Per Hour on a flat surface without pedal assistance

250 Watt brushless DC
13 AMP Fuse Protected

Riding Style
Right hand throttle and pedaling
Throttle style can be used to eliminate any need for pedaling

Other Special Features
Performance low profile style fenders
Rear kickstand
High quality padded saddle - fade resistant and water repelling
Digital display - Illuminated Speed, Odometer and Battery Level
26 x 1.95  inch tires
Front Shocks: Gas & Spring
Disc front brakes, Rear caliper brakes
Front and Rear Sport Fenders
Height adjustments for seat
7 Speed Shimano Shift

* tested on a flat surface with 195lb rider at or above 55 degrees F
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